AirTech’s Oil Extractor utilizes roller extraction separate petroleum bi-products from Pura Marine foam materials. This allows proper recycling and disposal of recovered substances and prepares the foam materials for reuse.

AirTech’s Oil Extractor incorporates features to make roller extraction a valuable option for waste minimization. In a recent report by the EPA entitled “A Fluid Sorbent Recycling Device for Industrial Fluid Users” which used the Extractor they concluded it could pay for itself in 2.8 – 5 weeks and that annual savings of 51% - 75% could be realized. Mounts to a Closed-Head 55-gal drum and has built-in anti-spill valve. 19” rollers accept our green plant based foam 18” pads with no folding, as many as 4 each our 3” socks at one time plus our 5”, 6” and even our 8” booms.

AirTech Extractor