is a green, sustainably harvested, plant-based foam manufactured by AIRTECH, Inc. using a carbon negative process. BeBetterFoam® is EPA Approved for Use in Waterways and is Approved by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. PURA MARINE works in partnership with AIRTECH using BeBetterFoam® to provide custom solutions for oil spill prevention and response in the marine, oil, trucking and locomotive industries. BeBetterFoam® sorbent products not only out match the competition, but are REUSABLE and allow the user to RECLAIM absorbed substances.

BeBetterFoam Components

dropletOil Absorbent, Water Repellent

BeBetterFoam® is able to absorb up to 14x its weight in crude oil and related petroleum products. It is comprised of a hydrophobic chemistry that does not absorb water allowing the user to recover oil in aqueous applications without taking in additional water. After saturation crude oil and petroleum products can be extracted for reclamation and reusage,

recycleEarth Conscious®, Carbon Negative

AIRTECH's MDI-Based BeBetterFoam® is an environmentally sustainable foam technology. Renewable plant-based oils form the backbone of this unique technology. BeBetterFoam® is created through a carbon negative manufacturing process that releases nothing except small amounts of CO2. The final products are inert to the environment, have a neutral pH and are non-flammable. No VOCs, No HCFCs, No CFCs, and no TDI. 


BeBetterFoam® has high cross-tensile strength lengthening product lifespan, extraction, and reuse capabilities in oil spill prevention and response. The durability of BeBetterFoam® technologies also allows its use in diverse applications ranging from health & beauty to building materials in the construction industry.


BeBetterFoam® technologies have the ability to adhere differential densities allowing for substances to be infused into the foam and bind the foam onto other materials without glues or adhesives.

BeBetterFoam® vs. the Competition


BeBetterFoam® Booms in the Field


RENEW. REUSE. RECYCLE. BeBetterFoam® sorbent products not only out match the competition, but are REUSABLE and allow the user to RECLAIM absorbed substances.

Testing the Absorption and Re-usability of Pura Spill Pads®

In three usages, half of a Pura Spill Pad easily absorbs and extracts the 16 ounces of motor oil.